The Journey for Eve...
By SGVega
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The Enchanted Central Forest calls out to her, and she can sense it. It's not against the law to go there, but humans have been taught to fear magic. Yet, Sadie Garcia is not a normal New Yorker or human. She can't help it if she feels the urge to explore the wonders of magic. On an ordinary day Sadie and her best friend, Giana visit the forest. Unknowingly on that day, their fates will forever change. For they learn the truth of their family linage, and who they truly are. Now they must embark on a journey that can determine the fate of the magical realm. Sadie and her friends only have a week to learn the ways of magic, and save the life of the future king of the realm. Sadie is determined not to fail, but can she defeat the evil that has cursed the future king for years? Can she be the sorceress she is destine to be? Thank you to all who voted and read this story during the Wattpad Target competition.

The Enchanted Central Forest

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The Journ...
by SGVega