My Bully Stole My D...
By bermuda1
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" Look At Me When I Talk To You And Don't Stutter It Pisses Me Off."I Said Angrily Forcing Her To Look Up At Me. "Your Mine Remember That, Understand."I Mumbled Possessively Against Her Neck She Tensed Then Nodded, I Rest My Hand On Her Thigh, Making Her Gasped Suddenly, So Fucking Innocent I Let Out A Chuckle. "Answer Me When I Talk To You. Understood."I Dangerously Said, Stroking Her Thigh Back And Forth "Y-yes Un-derstood."She Replied Nervously I Warningly Growl And Put My Hand On Her Covered Pussy I immediately Knew She Was Turned On. She's SO Fucking Wet, I Can Feel The Dampness On Her Pants Making Her Gasp And Jump A Little Surprised. Meet Oliver Brad Kingston His Eighteen. Meet Charlotte Mary Keegan She's Seventeen. He's A Dangerous Feared Badboy, Bully. She A Kind Hearted, Scared By Spiders Good Girl And A Bully Victim. He Gets What Or Who He Wants When He Wants It. She Never Gets What She Wants. She Waits Like A Good Girl. He Wants Her And Only Her, And He Doesn't Care Who He Has To Hurt She's His. She Wants Him As Well And Only Him, She's Terrified By Him. He's Possessive And Dangerous Badboy And She's All His.

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My Bully...
by bermuda1