A Rose Among Thorns
By Squeaks7
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Mirabella Roston is just your average college senior. She survives on coffee, caffeine and chocolate. And she has always been unlucky in love. She figures her time has not come yet. With all her studies, she is more than happy to wait until the right time. That is until a tall, handsome stranger comes to their sleepy little college town and turns her world upside down. Sawyer Lachlan is a hunter. He has been a hunter his entire life, born into a family of hunters. It is the only life he knows or even wants to know. He is solitary, resourceful and deadly. And he wants to keep it that way. When he is appointed to protect a young woman who has no idea his kind, or even her kind, exists, things start changing for him. And not in a good way. Fairytales are not just your typical bedtime stories. They are legends. They are historic accounts. They are true. Descendants from fairytale creatures, heroes, and villains still roam our world. It is up to him to keep her safe and she is his one weakness. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ This was my entry to the #OnceUponNow Competition hosted by @target . It competed for the Top 25 between June 14 to June 21. 2016. 〈And although it did not make it, this was the best contest I've ever entered. The support and encouragement from other authors and entrants was PHENOMENAL! It definitely brought out the best of Wattpad!〉 Entries had to be a modern story containing elements of or a retelling of a fairy-tale or myth. And they had to be between 4,000 to 9,000 words.... I pushed it close at 8,998! It has now entered The Wattys2016! If you enjoy it continue to vote, comment and share!! Highest Rank #171 07-02-16 in Short Story

Chapter 1

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A Rose Am...
by Squeaks7