Do It Once More (Se...
By hetaliatrashx
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This is the sequel to my book called Do It All Again. You have to read that first to understand this book. With their pasts behind them, young lovers Alfred and Arthur settle down comfortably in London with Arthur's parents. They thought everything would just get better from here on out, but oh, were they wrong. Tragedies happen that force the young couple to leave their home and seek help from someone that Arthur has not seen for a very, very long time. Meanwhile, Alfred is interrogated for something that he never did... or did he? Life throws them lots of curveballs, and this time, they're striking out. Disclaimer// I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters. All credit goes to the artists of the fanart I use. Warnings// violence, gore, descriptive scenes, mentions of self harm/suicide, acts of self harm/suicide, foul language and sexual content.

Chapter 1

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Do It Onc...
by hetaliatrashx