The Reporter
By GiaMonroe
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[Bad Decisions x 1] Gia's just been promoted to lead host of Power 6.05. If this had happened at any other time, she'd have been excited. But after recently breaking up with the man she though she was going to marry Issiah Newman the all too well known playboy. She can't even think straight. But when her boss tells her she has to interview Robyn Wilson, also known as 'The Cobra' by beloved NFL fans she doesn't realise how much one interview is actually going to affect her life. Even though Gia's trying to sort out her relationship with her ex boyfriend and former playboy Issiah Newman. She finds herself catching feelings for Robyn a beloved NFL player. Will it all end in disaster or will she finally find love? All Rights Reserved | Gia Monroe ©

All Rights Reserved

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The Repor...
by GiaMonroe