Journey Of A Lifeti...
By Halz1234
  • Romance
  • hatred
  • jealousy
  • lives
  • love
  • passion


Brianna is a young and talented girl who manages to win everyone's heart; no one can hate this girl? It's like she's sprinkled magic dust on the people around her. Everyone is under her spell. What kind of potion does she have? How does everyone love her so easily? Dave is the hot bad boy who changes his girlfriend every week; jumping into different beds every week. Player much? He's best known as the "bad boy" in town. The boy doesn't even know the meaning of being faithful. Nevertheless, the so called "bad boy" was once faithful to a beautiful young girl who left him in shambles. What could have happened between them both which changed Dave into the person he is now? Will Brianna eventually manage to make Dave fall for her too? Will Dave finally know the meaning of faithfulness again? Copyright © H.Y. 2017 ® All Rights Reserved (The chapters of this book are private. You will have to follow me in order to access all the chapters) - ㋡Halz㋡

Chapter 1

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Journey O...
by Halz1234