The Darkness Holds...
By ConfusedBoi
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Holdyn Night is a 16 year old student who is currently attending Ramsay High School in the town of RamsayVille he lives with his mother and is an only child, his mother is thriving to be an actress and got cast for a movie that is being filmed in holly wood, la she is moving her and her son to sunny California where he will be attending a new school. at this new school he will be thrown into a whole lot of crazy involving two lovers, one not his usual type, can they be together even if they are supposed to be sworn enemy's? But as he enters a new place with new people he begins to learn more about his family history and its a secret that may destroy the world. every ones fate is now inter-wound with his and their destiny and their life's are in his control.

Chapter 1- Premonition Or Nightmare?

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The Darkn...
by ConfusedBoi