Preveiw of Whitby A...
By StellaCoulson
  • Vampire
  • action
  • comedy
  • drama
  • fae
  • shifter
  • suspense


Fifteen year old Lenore has visions of death, is dating a Vampire and a serial killing Demon wants her blood. Fact meets fiction in this supernatural tale On my 1st draft of my novel - Writen as a cathartic experience - a way to work through my past abuse by a close family member. it was far too close a home subject to write in a 'real' style non fiction. It quickly evolved into a supernatural tale of a sensitive youth who has visons. Here the metophore of a demon is actualy an abuser, a real life monster, and as we know, those are the most scary. I am currently working through a case against the family member while writing the novel. This is a way to retrieve at least some control, even if it is through this fantasy world. It is intercut with lighter moments of more likeable supernatural creatures.

Preveiw of 'Whitby After Dark - Volume 1' Prologue

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Preveiw o...
by StellaCoulson