My 2016 Design Book
By AnnabethSchreave
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In this book, I'll be posting my designs. I am an aspiring fashion designer, so most of this is all just practice for me. I appreciate helpful critiques! Tell me things I should work on or tell me what you like about my designs! All pieces of art are original, and my own work, so please, if you use them, please give all credit to me. If I catch you calling my own work your own, I will not hesitate in reporting you. I have a topic on QuizUp called Fashion Design, where I post the same things. Only the cover design is not my art. The amazing graphic is by @almostovertherainbow. ••• All rights reserved. ©2016 by Annabeth Schreave.

Silk Brocade Gown Design

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My 2016 D...
by AnnabethSchreave