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Ey lmao PG-13 bc tbh this has cussing fam get with the program This is just a buncha random little dribble drabbles of stupid, funny (hopefully), and somewhat questionable Hetalia stories I make when I get bored. As of right now, there isn't really any schedule, but if this gets enough attention I might as well think of one when the time comes. Well! Thank you very much for thinking (even for, like, 1/3rd of a second) of reading this really strange little book of boredom! -Hetalia is not owned by me, if it did, I must be a genius. But I'm not so,- -Actually, I didn't say who it belonged to, so it belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya mates so check his stuff out Mhkay- -Pictures also don't belong o me, which sucks- -I belong to me.- -These stories belong to me- -The regret of reading this belongs to you fam, gj-

How to summon a Brit

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