The Spinster Club
By RachelVanDyken
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The Earl of Stratford has never looked at Miss Petra Smyth with anything other than pity, pity for her form, her face, her poor connections, and her lack of funds. And yet, one kiss changes it all, it gives her hope for something more. Hope. A dangerous word for a woman destined to become a spinster. His kiss sealed her fate--a fate where her own mother sells her as a whore in order to pay the families debts--princes aren't supposed to discover their princesses stripped for all to see. This story is no fairy tale. It is a story of hope that has been lost. And the only man brave enough to face the ton in order to find it again for the one woman he swore he'd never touch. This, is The Spinster Club.

Chapter One

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The Spins...
by RachelVanDyken