The Forbidden Fruit...
By StoriesInTheHowls
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The Forbidden Fruit Theory states that restricting a person of something they want will only cause them to crave it even more. -*-*- All demigods and gods alike are very aware of the golden rule. Mortals and gods/goddesses are not to interlope. Leo Valdez has already broken the rule once, and is still sorrowful over Calypso. Returning from the island without her has rendered him useless. However when a new camper arrives who claims to be the daughter of Artemis, Leo unknowingly breaks the golden rule again. Along with the mysterious girl comes a new dangerous prophecy that the son of Hephaestus finds himself reeled into. The Egyptian God of Chaos is out to strike anarchy amongst the gods of all cultures. And wants to rule it all. Leo must put his everything into a possible upcoming war of betrayal, hatred, chaos, and above all- love. Rated: (18+) Just to be safe. UNDER HEAVY REVISIONS AS OF 10/25/16

Daughter, Monster, But Still Hot

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The Forbi...
by StoriesInTheHowls