Silhouetted Sky
By AmaranthineSalal
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❝ Sky opened her eyes and very slowly, touched the silvery apparition. Beneath Sky's fingers, a head began to take shape; then a silver-streaked mane; an ivory-colored body; a wispy, featherlike tail; long, graceful legs; and finally, a pair of magnificent, feathered wings. ❞ --------------------- She may be quiet and soft-hearted, but with the nightmares she's been having recently and her confusion over the mother she's never met, sixteen-year-old Sky's life isn't just sunshine and daisies. Especially when she learns about the turmoil festering between rival groups in the kingdom where she was born. After a chance meeting with a handsome stranger, she finds herself on a quest to her birthplace. Soon she's caught up in a web of mythical creatures, magic, romance, and political intrigue. Not to mention, she and her companion are both harboring secrets of their own... ❝Tbh you stole my heart with Sal and James...sweetest fictional kids I've ever read!! ❞ - @ARhealy ❝This ending is perfect; absolutely, adorably, amazingly, perfectly perfect. It makes me super happy.❞ - @SilvanaMae Cover made by: @crookedaydreamer

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by AmaranthineSalal