My Immortal
By Nationiva
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For those of you who do not know what My Immortal is, it is in short and most accurately completely stupid. My Immortal is a very loose Harry Potter fanfiction story about Ebony (or Enoby) Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, a gothic teenage vampire girl who attends Hogwarts school. To say anymore may spoil the lulz. The story is infamous for its horrible abuse to the english language and extreme gothic attitude. Those who remember My Immortal well should also remember the first few chapters (1-15) were co-written with 'Raven' hence they were spelt better etc but don't worry Raven leaves in chapter 16 (which is where her character Willow gets expelled from Hogwarts).The copy on here I'm pretty sure is the 100% original version of My Immortal with no edits at all outside those by Raven (which were in the original). This copy includes the 'hacker' chapter of 39. ((I don't own any of this, but I want to spread the horrible mistake that is/was My Immortal)) ((also: are you happy now jade???))


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My Immort...
by Nationiva