The World Among the...
By Urcofox
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20 years ago, the invention of the airship revealed land, life, and a multitude of unknown resources which exist above the clouds. Young adventurers risk their lives every day to document the ever-changing world above our heads. Interest waned after the death of famous pilot, Captain Maxwell. However, feeling as if he had no other options, failing University student Daniel Carlson has taken the Pilot's exam. Aside from being a steampunk adventure about exploring the skies with a group of young adults, Daniel's crew all have disabilities which they must learn to work around or use to their advantage. Daniel's right leg was deformed at birth. His best friend, Charles, was in an accident and lost his left eye. Scarlette had a traumatic experience in her past, and she often forgets large amounts of information, if she subconsciously thinks it's related to her past troubles. Unfortunately for her, the traumatic experience in question was airship-related, so she can't even remember her pilot's exam. Or, by extension, her first meeting with Daniel. Daniel's cousin Edward has undiagnosed Asperger's, and is obsessed with guns. His impaired fine motor skills prevent him from using them properly, but he's able to identify what kind would suit anyone else just fine. The last member, Gaye, has trouble speaking properly, unless he's talking about engineering and airships. As if that wasn't enough to hinder his ability to make friends, his father had him studying medicine at university. While he excelled, he only found comfort in his true passion. His dual skillset from the two interests has landed him a job as both the airship's repairman and Daniel's surgeon.

Chapter 1: Daniel

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The World...
by Urcofox