The Dragons Curse
By Thatreadinggirl1234
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In a world not far from our own, there lived two kingdoms. The kingdoms of Ice and Fire. Ruling over these kingdoms where Turnlings, a dangerous and mysterious race once believed to be myths. The Turnlings have the mystical ability to switch back and forth between humans....and Dragons. The kingdoms lived in wary peace of each other. Until one day the Dragon King of Ice disappeared and the world was cast into shadow. 16 year-old Amora Scye grew up in the darkness of the battle between dragon races. She has been trained since she was a little girl to be ruthless and deadly by her grandmother, the perfect killer. And the perfect weapon against Dragons. She believed nobody could hurt her, not even the mysterious Turnlings. Until her grandmother is stolen by the Fire Dragons. Now, with help from her best friend, Alek, and Turnling prince, Ian, she has to travel into the heart of the Fire territory to rescue her grandmother from the evil Queen's clutches. There's just one problem; Amora had been trained her whole life never to trust Turnlings. Can she trust Ian? Caught in the middle of a deadly battle for power, Amora just might end up being the key to peace.


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The Drago...
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