Find Her, Keep Her...
By jr0127
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2016 WATTY AWARD WINNING CHEATER, FAKER, TROUBLEMAKER SEQUEL Written by Jenny Rosen & Kristen Maglonzo For rehabilitated bad boy, Elias King, falling in love again means losing everything--including his life. When a ghost from his past tears him away from the good girl he gave his heart to, it stops beating--literally. Seconds after he flat lines from an intentional overdose, the doctors bring him back into a world without her. Half a year and a life saving mistake later, he's got a second chance to go after the girl who got away, and he's willing to do just about anything to find her. After publishing a series of unsent love letters to the elusive Alex Summers, an unexpected rise to fame sends Elias back to Hollywood where him and Alex's story began. But time and tragedy change everything, and Alex has changed too. Now a freshman in college with a brand new boyfriend to boot, she's hoping to start life over without succumbing to memories of the loves she's lost in the past. But for Elias, old habits die hard, and when he pops out of the woodwork ready to take her back, she's determined to resist. But Kings don't back down easy, and when it comes Elias, trouble never looked so good.

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Find Her...
by jr0127