The Queen
By NerdyNinja1
  • Science Fiction
  • assassination
  • auction
  • chapter
  • chess
  • daniel
  • ebony
  • ivory
  • king
  • kingdom
  • michael
  • prologue
  • sabrina


It's the year 2451, Earth has been through five world wars and two nuclear wars. People now live in massive floating kingdoms ruled by a King and fiercely protected by the Pawns, Knights, and Castles. Religion is strictly regulated by the Bishops and whomever defies them will disappear and never return. Behind all of this lies a Queen, a ruthless assassin trained from a young age and auctioned off to the highest bidder. They fight from the shadows and are loyal to their king but not all are treated equally. Sabrina was purchased for two million echelon, she lives in seclusion in the cells below the Ebony Palace in the Ebony Kingdom. She is illiterate, cannot swim and has sporadic amnesia. Many of her injuries come from her King for screw ups and mistakes. Her only daily contact is with her caretaker, Michael. But everything changes when she is sent to kill her cell mate from the Camp and her eyes are opened to the world she inhabits.

Chapter 0: The Auction

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The Queen
by NerdyNinja1