The Hank Saga
By DeeLioPunk
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Watch as the man who just wanted his van back becomes more than just a simple carpenter with a licorice tail and wooden hands in...The Hank Saga! A lot of these are stories I wrote a while back, so there's quite a few to upload to here (the 60+ isn't kidding, there's a lot), but I won't be uploading them all at once. I'll get there though! Let me know what you think as you enter the world of The Hank Saga (good luck out there). A Bit of Backstory on The HankSaga: Hank blames Nina for his van being ruined in the 1st story Nina's Scar. She then cut off half his licorice tail in Ninja Nina (and wears it as a belt apparently), so he's not too happy about that either. He started off with this level of resentment that has since been diminished by his new found "heroism" and ability to break the fourth wall of his stories. He exists as he needs to from one story to the next - and not every story focuses on him as the main character. Within the world of Hank there are many fun and hilarious characters for you to meet and go on absurd adventures with. You can follow The Hank Saga on twitter - @HankSaga New characters are introduced often, but don't feel lost! Start with whichever story sounds best and enjoy it! Note: I've added commentary to some of the stories in the beginning, mostly in relation to some of the running jokes of the series, or in regards to the situation that lead to the story. You can find more stories on

Nina's Scar (Hank Saga Story #1)

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The Hank...
by DeeLioPunk