Heartstone (Isaac L...
By jessclods
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Ellie Garner is a 16-year-old girl who moves to Beacon Hills after her mom is transferred. She thinks this place is really boring and quite small for anything fun to happen so she usually stays at home listening to music and painting. She will get dragged into one of the many bizarre events that happen in this town that is unknown to many people and she will meet the truth behind her fellow classmates. Will Ellie be prepared for the roller coaster of emotions that will come along with her knowing the truth? Will she be strong enough to stay alive? ---- this is indeed a teen wolf story, therefore it has to do with the tv show, im using all the characters from teen wolf but adding a different side to the story, using the new character i made which will help them along the story, sorry for the ones who don't watch the show i'd happily explain everything but that would make the story boring for the ones who do watch the show, i still have other fanfics if you'd like to check them out. love yall xx ----

Heartstone (Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf)

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by jessclods