Hayes's Twin Sister...
By Trinity_Cogan01
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Contains- Self harm, blood, bulling, hate, suicide attempt, name calling and beatings. P.s I don't feel this way towards MAGCON I love them very much. Kylie is Nash's little sister and Hayes's twin sister, he is 2 minutes older, and have a very special bond. Nash gets a new girlfriend who goes by the name Malia who hates Kylie for no reason and is also her bully. Malia spreads some rumours and tells Nash and he believes Malia over his little sister. Will Mahogany and the MAGCON boys help Kylie? Or will they hate her too? What happens to Kylie when things are taken too fa and she needs up in hospital hanging on for life in a coma? Will she forgive Naash after everything that's happened? Or Nahh?

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Hayes's T...
by Trinity_Cogan01