Fear Her (The Zodia...
By IdrisGrey
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{UNDER MAJOR REVISION} Seventeen-year-old former cult member Virgo Samuels wants to put her past behind her but someone refuses to let her forget everything she's seen and the terrible things she's done. *** Virgo Samuels, also known as the Zodiac Cult Killer, is just as frightening as the media wants everyone to believe. At the age of 11 she murdered the cult members who raised her by putting antifreeze in their iced tea and razing their commune to the ground. Six years later, fresh out of juvenile detention, Virgo is beginning a new life under a new name, but someone refuses to let her forget where she came from or any of the terrible things she's done. To protect her newfound freedom, she'll have to find out who's killing budding cult leaders in her name and stop them before they stop her--permanently. © 2016-present Idris Grey

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Fear Her...
by IdrisGrey