The Heart of a King...
By AerithSage
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At war with a common enemy, alliances had to be formed. And so King Dimitrios Xanthe of the Wolfen blood-bonded Princess Ailara Davriel of the Vampyr. Along with it was a promise that when the two come of age, the two kingdoms will become one. Until something went horribly wrong... The alliance was broken with the death of several royals. One kingdom was hunted and killed almost to the point of extinction. Ailara vanished without a trace. Until almost a century later and their paths cross again. Finally, Dimitri will have his revenge. He'd keep her by his side so he can make her watch as he destroys what's left of her kingdom and then kill her himself. But along the way, he discovers something else... The call of the mate bond is much stronger and she stirs feelings in him that he's never felt before. Will the two rulers be able to reunite Xathos and vanquish the enemy? Or will they fall prey to chaos and destroy the Golden Dynasty Aiken and Selene worked so hard for? Only one thing is for sure: The key to saving or destroying Xathos lies within the heart of a king. Cover made by @Darkleague

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The Heart...
by AerithSage