A Reject's Beginnin...
By IFeelTheHomo
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Klynn Blaire was a werewolf with the status of omega. He isn't liked by any and beat up by all, his life was full of shit. His 18th birthday would be today and he thought maybe there would be light at the end of the tunnel. But things don't go as planned for he gets rejected, humiliated, and bullied even more. Did I also mention he was in the same pack as Kayden? Kayden Steele is the alpha of the Rising Sun pack. His father and mother stepped down early because they were weakening earlier then usual. He's been looking for his mate for 6 months ever since his 18th birthday. However, he'll be in for a surprise when he finds out his mate isn't a female and an omega. THIS STORY IS PRETTY BAD READ WITH CAUTION This story is also has a half-assed ending that leaves out MANY things. This story includes excessive cursing. You have been warned. I don't own the cover picture.


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A Reject'...
by IFeelTheHomo