{ #1 } I Was Shooti...
By Snape75
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Black Moon Series Book #1 Warning: Mature content, graphic language, gay, polyamorous French food is my healthy pleasure. Sex is my stress-relief pleasure. Threesomes are my guilty pleasure. Born the single child of the most open-minded parents, I bathed in cooking ever since I was a child; now I own several restaurants and well intend to grow my business. Ever since I lost my V-card, sex has been my way to cope with busy life and stress; today, I am a Dominant at the Black Diamond, a BDSM club in Chicago owned by my childhood friend Aaron. There, I discovered the kinkiest lifestyle, and I indulge in the pleasure of multiple-partner sex. But I would like to settle down with the perfect Submissive now. My name is Mark Murray, and I'm shooting for the moon, but I might hit a star. Laziness, boisterousness and wild sex are my mottos. I'm a dropped out, an unstable soul who doesn't know what he wants in life, and if it weren't for my best friend Liam, I'd probably be a homeless. I am hyperactive, a young man full of life who is bubbling with energy, and this is why people usually like me despite my flaws. And I'm a sex on legs... a libertine, bi-sexual, volatile, I don't know what love is, but I've had all the possible experiences in sex. Or so I thought. That was until I discovered my best friend's secret life... in a BDSM club. My name is Shannon Watts, and my life is about to change as a Submissive. I had a happy childhood, until both my parents died and left me an orphan. At 18, I ran away from my aunt's town to live in Chicago, dreaming to become a skilled cook. Now I work in the best French restaurant of the city, where I would love to move on from the dishwasher position to that of cook, but things don't always go as planned. I'm a solitary guy, barely average-looking and very shy, so I spend my free time vicariously living through the gay romances and BDSM books I read. My name is Alex Simmons, and I wish the fictions I read would turn out real.


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{ #1 } I...
by Snape75