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~ Now @writersinkling ~ *Completed*Contains Mature Content With A Warning* Lift your head up princess before the crown falls... Anastasia lost so much so young but when she goes through 'stages' to discover what she once lost, secrets are revealed that could either make or break her. As she learns what was taken from her can she destroy what destroyed her or give mercy? Longing for her Mate she waits in hope and wonder for her saviour to come and set her free, she is wishing he would appear and help her. Hadrian isn't an ordinary wolf and tries not to dwell on the past but when it literally attacks his car he can't hide anymore, he has to embrace it and deal with unanswered questions or can he? His Mate is out there and he plans on finding her but when he does can he tell her his past, his secret and defeat their common enemy? Or will they both be destroyed but what once was a beacon of peace and power?

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by Aiiyre69