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We tend to build a stigma to those who have done the gravest things solely for the sake of living. Kahit sa anong antas ng kabutihan, nahuhusgahan sa nag-iisang pagkakamali. Sa sukdulang mga posibilidad sa mundo, ano ang maaaring magtulak sa atin pabalik sa katuwiran? Are good morals enough to shove us back to righteousness? As a resident of the wrong side of the society, Aleah Torrevieja felt unsafe. A name that was nothing but a warmed-over for someone who has been living up to her father's expectations, she decides to elude the foreseeable fall from grace. Kaya noong nakakita ng pagkakataon na makawala sa puder ng ama ay sinunggaban na niya at lumayo. A beauty who is void of emotion and raves for independence, she wants the same for her whereabouts. Void. Unfound. Not even the slightest means of communication. As a self-confessed criminal, she's aware of her need for refuge to the other side of darkness. Azriel Fontaneza, a single father, a man who had his own fair share of a bitter past, prefers the low profile living with his seven-year-old son. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that what we deem as a mistake turns out to be someone's disguised blessing. Naging palaisapan sa kanya ang babaeng nagligtas sa anak nito sa nagbabadyang kapahamakan. But regardless of being a stranger, he trusted her, leading him to offer the job for his son. Ang tulak ng damdamin ay sadyang kay hirap sugpuin. Ito ay alam ni Aleah. But the lies and deception she's trying to run away from stayed close in between. If she wants to start anew, it must be free from all the guilt and seek justice for the implicated lives lost. Ano ba ang dapat ipaglaban? Ang kanyang kalayaan sa kamay ng mapangahas na ama, o ang katotohanan para sa lalakeng mamahalin niya? Could an intense feeling beat the morals to finally push her to justice? Or it could be that in one way or another, she'd find herself getting pushed into the coldest depth of his heart.


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