The Trap I Fell For...
By RainbowVoice
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"Sometimes we fall in love blindly without even realizing that we're falling for a trap." Luhan is your typical everyday nerd, with your typical thick framed glasses and typical straight A+ grades. If you looked up the defenition of Nobody in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Luhan in his thick black framed glasses. No, everything is certainly not what it seems. Luhan wants everyone to assume that he is nothing but a nobody but the truth is he comes from a beyond wealthy family. On the other hand, Oh Sehun is your typical popular and handsome playboy. He's like a peacock who's confident with flaunting his charms and looks. But beyond that carefree facade is actually a pained, hate-filled devil. So what will happen if Sehun plans to make Luhan fall in love with him and then break his heart? Will he succeed or fall right into his own plan? ©2016 All rights reserved. Please do not copy or plagiarize.


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The Trap...
by RainbowVoice