Can an angel die?
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" Demetri, what are you doing?" Reece growled again. // "Mine" He whispered, I was now... Uh... Terrfied, horrified, crapping myself, and so on. But of course, it only increased when he walked away with me. Yet I didn't put up any fight, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME RIGHT NOW!? I don't know why, and even after being chased with throwing knives? Stabbed also? Hm, yes, this is definitely normal, isn't it? // Squirming, finally being able to be frightened, but froze at his growl. His eyes had gone from a usual brown to a bright green, I bet mine were just filled with fear and surprise. I shrunk down slightly, and he smirked, continuing on down the road, I don't like this any more! I jumped out his hands and bolted off down the road, finding my feet easier than before and collapsing with a sudden pain in my chest, damn it, what the hell? ------------------------------ Jasmin is a neko, a cat demon as some would say. She's always searched for people who are different like her. She finds some success, but along that search, many problems arise. There's fact that she's fated to be soul mates with an angel, and there's a lot of people none to happy with that. Like her dad, Satan himself. But it's first the angels that start the job of separating the two. And others in the same demonXangel relationship as them. . . . ( I'm making a completely full out edited version of this, because I've decided, that I should sort out all my Grammatical errors ! )( yay )

Chapter 1

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