The Mummy - Lost Pr...
By IndyMysteryRose
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Kiya is the only princess of the Medjai and comes from the 12th tribe. Apart of a prophecy that says she destined to kill Imhotep with the help of Ardeth Bay, her protector and love. But one day she disappears from the tribe as apart of the prophecy and became the adoptive sister to Evelyn and Johnathan Carnarhan. Years later her sister drags her on a wild adventure that will dig up mysteries and reunite her with her lost love Ardeth, but in the process, she must find a way to kill the creature. One thing that is unsure, will she make it out alive to have the life with Ardeth she always dreamed of. Ardeth/OC I do not own any of the Mummy.

Part One

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The Mummy...
by IndyMysteryRose