Ares( new species f...
By lillithknight
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After the torture inflicted on him by mercile because of his excessive animalistic traits,one new species make is left unable to interact with other new species and left with an extreme hatred towards humans. Genevieve is a young woman who was abused all the way up until she was eighteen by both her mother and father. She was kept prisoner much like the new species were. She is no longer able to function in society like a normal person. She is more comfortable with animals than with humans. She runs a shelter for wild animals several miles away from the wild zone and an escaped fox cub leads her to the wild zone where she crosses paths with the feral Ares. These two damaged individuals have a rough start, but together they begin to heal. Story is better than summary. I promise Please be gentle, this is my first attempt at writing on this or any other site. New species AU Please review. I definitely want feedback Tell me what you want to see happen, where you think the story should go, I will definitely try to incorporate some of your ideas.

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Ares( new...
by lillithknight