Possession of the A...
By amzieerevel
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Now 17,Cute and quirky Hazel has been looking for her mate for just over a year and has realised he's obviously not in her home city NewYork. In order to help her find her mate,her and her mom move to the wolf infested streets of Vancouver. After leaving her pack in NewYork Hazel is temporarily a rouge,making her a huge target for the local pack. Rouges are seen as dirty by any Alpha but to Joshua parks,Alpha of the Blue Crescent pack they are scum. Sensing a new rouge on campus,Joshua is determined to end it's life then and there. It's only when he looks into the eyes of Hazel Jones that he knows he can't kill her. The two find out many truths together as well as experiencing things only true mates would appreciate. Love between 2 humans is wonderful but matehood between 2 wolves is sacred.

Possession of the Alpha

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by amzieerevel