Great Sinner Queen...
By larissajay
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The Bride of Death returns in the sequel to Little Saint Bride... HECATE'S CURSE IS LOOMING. Nerissa has been reunited with Nathaniel, her brother, but at a cost: Mercer has been taken captive by Hecate, her nemesis, and solving the mysteries of Nate's death has revealed a huge secret regarding the twins. SPRING HAS RETURNED FOR THEIR PRINCESS. Now, they're stuck between an old curse and a feuding court, and yet nobody seems to be making a move yet. Hecate has vanished, and Nerissa's family have yet to make contact. NERISSA AND HADRIAN MUST MAKE THE FINAL STEP. To break Hecate's curse, the two must marry and share their night together by the time the month is out. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Until, unannounced, an envoy from Spring seeks to settle the peace between the two courts once and for all. Uncertain of whether he tells the truth, Nerissa instinctively distrusts the charming courtier, who wishes for her to take control of the Underworld throne. Meanwhile, the human kingdom is ravaged by a disease that's killing thousands of people. Alliances grow, however, in the face of an enemy far beyond anyone's realisation, and the truth that Nerissa might be the what they need to survive... A queen of sins and rebirth.


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Great Sin...
by larissajay