I Do... Not Want Yo...
By heykay_23
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I turned only to widen my eyes in shock. Well HELLO! Just standing a couple of steps away from me was a very- no extremely good-looking guy. "Hi," I said softly and could feel my cheeks starting to turn red. "Let me introduce myself, I'm Barclay Batson- the best man." He took a step closer to me and leaned down to whisper in my ear, "And I believe that we have a tradition to uphold." Elspeth Arden is attending her cousin's wedding this summer as a bridesmaid- unwillingly of course. She's told by many of the other bridesmaids that it's the tradition to sleep with the best man. And that best man just happens to be Barclay- better known as Clay Batson. He's handsome, funny, and charming, but is determined to get through all of the bridesmaids just as tradition has promised. But what happens when Elspeth rejects him, when the tradition is broken, and Clay becomes insistent on getting her in bed? What happens when it turns into a bet and becomes a lot more complicated than need be? What happens when she says I do...not want your body?


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I Do... N...
by heykay_23