Mr.Bad Boy And Me
By anosha2627
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UPDATE: THE STORY IS STILL UNEDITED AND HASN'T BEEN UPDATED. NEW UPDATE COMING REAL SOON *NOT EDITED* #63 in TeenFiction. 02/10/16 ~•~•~•~•~•~ Ariana Lockwood is a Sweet, sarcastic, funny, sassy two goody shoes. She doesn't drink or smoke and doesn't go to high school parties. She has the best grades in Beacon Hills High School. Xavier Knight is a cocky, arrogant bad boy. He goes to high school parties, drinks and he even smokes. He use girls like tissue paper and has fucked every girl in bacon hills except Ariana and her best friend. Girls fall head over heels in love with him but he never cared. So what happens when Ariana and Xavier meet each other?Will they fall in love or hate each other forever? I guess you just have to read to find out..... *Warning*: Mature language has been used in this story so read at your own risk... Cover by @ATWisBOSS

A/N ✔️

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Mr.Bad Bo...
by anosha2627