Artificial Love Of...
By Beauty_But_Deadly
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Yes, the whole thing is made with arts. not words. I'm lazy to type. Btw this is Undertale and the aus of undertale + my oc and people's oc. If you do not know Undertale: It is a game developed by Tobyfox and his crew, cost about $10. Do support him by buying it. With cracks, you might have a hard time to find Gaster and the secret bosses. Sooo: Here's the story thing. You meet Gaster about 3 years later after the barrier broke, running from your deadly step-father. But you're still happy go lucky. Gaster in this point, had returned from the void he was trapped in. Introduced to the skele-family and other monsters (WITH SOME OCS LATER), funny things happened a lot. Basically, comedy romance. This is book 1: Artificial love of a Skeleton. In this book your romantic relationship will be with Gaster of course. (Gaster, in this story, is a relative to G!sans and G!Papyrus. NOT FATHER) Btw, this is a slooowwwww-burnnnnnn (takes time for y/n and Gaster to fall-in-love) Yes, you , y/n, will have complicated shit. Love is complicated, but it is easy if you trust one another and forgive one another. (Yes, another character falls in love with y/n. But since y/n's cruel, y/n friendzones everyone HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay okay no. I mean, yeah. I give people false hopes. HAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHA Not to mention there's deaths and stuff.) Burnnn- I mean no. Anyways: There will be sad parts though, but you'll meet one OC that'll mess up the story plot and the scene. I think there's 2. Maybe 3 Idk, just count them if you want. If any of you got The Right answer i will do special chapter. (Collab with another author. Or take a request.) Let's put credits btw. Undertale belongs rightfully to Tobyfox and his crew. This spin off story belongs to me and my team. (My Sister and my friends, 2 of them. Which I'm gonna say who they are at the end of the book.) If you want to translate, go on. Post it on tumblr or idk hahahaha. But, do ask me if you want to.

the meeting

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