The Alpha That Call...
By ZA_Dresden
  • Werewolf
  • bad-boy
  • gang-leader
  • gruesome
  • horror
  • kidnapped
  • mate
  • romance
  • teen
  • werewolf


Book one of "The Alpha" series, and is complete. Sylvan Whitney is a eighteen year old senior moving to a new town for a new start, leaving the pitying glances of those from her old town and her dark past. A loner by trade that keeps to herself and doesn't cause trouble, but, if need be she stands up for herself. She hates unfair fights and helps whenever she can, from helping the nerd against the jocks to helping out a woman getting mugged. Moving to her new town she tries to stay unnoticed till she graduates, but with just her luck she captures the eyes of the wrong man. The local bad-boy who just happens to lead the most notorious gang around. Not to mention, he has a slight problem with his possessive ways, odd growls, and his ever consistent changing of his eye color. All Sylvan wants is to be left alone, and that's something that Vasili Konstantin won't ever let her get. Vasili Konstantin is the sexy Russian bad-boy and gang leader, a fresh twenty years old, and just as his name states, he's not afraid to show who's boss. (Vasili in Russian means king) When a rather peculiar girl catches his eyes after just promising himself to never love another woman again he can't help but to want her. And what the King wants the King always gets, no matter the obstacles.

Table of Contents

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The Alpha...
by ZA_Dresden