It's my lifestyle
By Whatthehell93
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"Ghaliya, you know how is uncle Jaber is a very dear old friend" Baba stated, and I nodded. "And I know that you have became friends with his son, 3bdul 3ziz" I nodded again, not seeing where this is going. "Well, today, they came to ask your hand in marriage" Baba said seriously, "and I accepted their offer" _____________________ When the Palestinian 17 years old Muslim girl, Ghaliya, moves with her family to Texas, USA she got more than she bargained for. Not only does she have to ignore the whispers following her in school, but also her father decided that she would be better off if she had a fiance by her side to protect her. Not used to the environment and the lifestyle in America, Ghaliya struggles as she makes her way through the year, meeting new friends, making frenemies and dealing with her difficult-to-handle secretive fiance.

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It's my l...
by Whatthehell93