My Lie In July (Our...
By FlowerFiction1994
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Kosei Arima wasn't sure of his plans for high school. He wanted to be able to go to a high ranking music school, but the though of leaving his best friends Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryota Watari behind in their small town makes him rethink his plans. His old instructor, Hiroko Seto, suggest that he try out for the new music scholarship that is being offered by Ouran Academy. The school is only two hours away from where he lives so he would be able to come visit his friends whenever he wanted, and his schooling would be completely free. Kosei tries out and makes it into the school, naturally he is nervous to be moving away and going to a school full of rich people, but with a bit of dumb luck and a few friendly classmates hopefully Kosei will make it through high school without to many mishaps.

Chapter 1: "My Lie In July"

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My Lie In...
by FlowerFiction1994