Love is Weakness...
By clexafan
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Present day Clexa AU: Clarke Griffin is enrolled in a new school, Triground High. She's a junior, and she's only ever had 1 boyfriend, but she had to leave him when she moved to Washington DC with her mom. Clarke has never really had a lot of close friends, and likes staying in the shadows. On her very first day of school she meets a group of friends who welcome her into their group- Octavia, Bellamy, Raven, Monty, and Jasper- and even runs into the queen bee, Lexa Woods. Lexa is the most popular junior at Triground, and she rules the school. Everyone listens to her, no matter what. Clarke quickly gets to know Lexa, and eventually develops feelings for her. Little does she know that Lexa has been in love with her since day 1.

Chapter 1

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Love is W...
by clexafan