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Language: English "She is poison, But the necessary poison, To heal the land." Hated by the noble family who adopted her, sixteen year old Thanea Mikaelie von Correns, unintentionally summoned one of the most powerful gramarye (magick) that took the life of all people under the Correns' surname with a single exception...her own. Unknown to her, she is a Diamond, a bearer of a part of a High Being, and the rarest form of gramarye. Assumed as a Dual, an Unknown who can access gramarye from two suits, she chose the suit of Club while using the name Wynter as an alias. With her badass instincts, feared gramarye, and the promise that she will kneel to no one but herself, Wynter is on the quest to atone for sins forcibly inflicted and manipulated on her fate. Then there is also the revenge she must bestow on the recently discovered third party which ruined her life years prior. In a world where heroes do not exist, only villains and monsters, there area no allies to trust. Only deep and strong emotions like friendship and love can withstand the wind to keep the flame burning. Atonement and revenge require strength, but as payment, one must continuously be broken. Cover credits: Rhett Wesley (unsplash) Copyright by Sejuru All Rights Reserved


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