Just an Heir // A S...
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Just an Heir (the story of Michael and Kristine) is the main book, and A Silent Lover is its prequel, which centers Kristine's parents as the main characters. Michael van Kirk is getting older, but he is not getting married anytime soon. His father feared that Michael will become a bachelor, so he took the matters into his own hands by marrying his son to Kristine Pelaez, the daughter of a business magnate Carlos Pelaez. Kristine has known Michael as a child and felt drawn to his aloofness and coldness. Although Michael is overweight, she thinks that he is her cute prince charming when he saved her from the arrogant rich kids from a party. Thus, she was ecstatic when her father told her that he wants her to marry Michael. However, she was disappointed when her cute prince charming is not as perfect as she thinks him to be. The events in this book are fictional, even the companies that exist mentioned. However, some places mentioned really exist. Also, most of the chapters in this story are unedited, so please ignore the errors. There is mention of characters from "Becoming a Billionaire", a Korean drama from MBC, starring Lee Bo-young and Ji Hyun-woo. (c) 2013-2021

Just an Heir

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Just an H...
by indxcvnovlst