She Keeps Me Warm (...
By lanasullivan_
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"Obviously," She started. There was a nervous shake in her voice that made me tilt my head in her hands. "Obviously you don't understand the agreement." She repeated after quickly composing herself. I rolled my eyes, but let her continue. "Where you go, I go. Where I go, you go." She told me sternly. Her thumbs grazed my cheeks and heat rose on my skin where she touched. I couldn't tell if this was just Sophia being caring or if she was maybe feeling more. My brain told me that this was all a friendly gesture, but my body and it's stupid hormones were telling that it was something more. And your brain can never really overcome true instincts. I moved closer towards her, shrinking the already limited space between us. This time it was Sophia's turn to blush which only made my smile grow larger. All I could think about was her lips meeting mine. - Sophia and Avery's crazy, wild love story.


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She Keeps...
by lanasullivan_