Manzil Pyaar Ki (CO...
By DDesai_moon
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Character sketch Nandani Murty (protagonist) ~ An ordinary girl with no ambition in life but has a deep passion for dance. A girl who is very emotional yet pretends to be very practical. She doesn't believe in showing her emotions to anyone not even her best friend. A great listener to people she doesn't know much but a non stop talking machine to her friends and family. Cute,bubbly,sportive and a great friend. She loves three things the most in her life; family, music and dance.She loves her parents and friends but is not very good at expressing it. Manik Malhotra (protagonist) ~ He thinks he is super cool and all the girls love him. Attention seeker and is a showoff, spoiled rich brat. He is good in everything he does, very focused and manages everything well. Everyone loves him. He hates it if anyone is better then him. He is the "dil ka acha" type. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone but cannot stop himself from commenting on other people's thoughts and views. Can be little harsh yet he is the popular types. He doesn't really receive much of attention from home or an type of appreciation, and his relationship with them is really bad. Almost on the verge of breaking. He thinks from his brain with his emotions kept aside. And the most important thing is that he loves his hair more than anything on this planet.


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Manzil Py...
by DDesai_moon