Adam and Evie (Part...
By xWinterFallzx3
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❝It's hard to say you hate your best friend, but it's harder to say you're in love with them.❞ Before she became Evie Chase, one of music's biggest up-and-coming artists, Evelyn was a nothing but a "nobody" at the bottom of the Roosevelt High food chain. Her best friend? Popular jock Adam Fields, who she didn't leave with on very good terms. To put it bluntly, they never spoke again. Fast forward three years, and everything has changed. Evie is out in LA living the dream as a seventeen-year-old popstar, leaving the town, the boy she once loved, and those who humiliated her behind. Meanwhile, Adam--at Roosevelt starting off senior year and still the school (and town's) beloved "golden boy"--is trying his hardest to let go of the past and the girl he let get away. And it's going pretty well, the two of them living their separate lives. Until...Evie's back. Suddenly, seventeen and senior year just got a lot more interesting. BOOK TWO OF THE EVIE CHASE SERIES

adam and evie (part 2 of the EC series)

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Adam and...
by xWinterFallzx3