My Alpha Neighbor
By katmadison
  • Romance
  • african-american
  • alpha
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • wolves


She wanted to start over in life... After living with an abusive husband for 10yrs, a neglectful family, and toxic friends, Kayla Tamira was finally able to save enough money and just go. At the age of 26 she wanted nothing more than to be alone and live a peaceful ordinary life, but she found out that being alone and living that ordinary life was only a dream when she realized that the owner of the house she was renting was a very masculine male who intimidated the hell out of her and who happened to live next door with four of his male friends. There was something quite not right about these guys and the entire town for that matter. Jacob Marcs was a 30yrs old Alpha wolf who ruled the town he grew up in and was happy to continue being a bachelor for the rest of his life. He didn't need a life mate, with his experience with women both human, witches, and wolves, he'd had enough of the torture. Females were a nuisance and he'd told his sister many times that they were, but the nosy little witch couldn't mind her own business. It had been her idea to build the house and her idea to put a spell on it to bring to him his life mate... That house had been there for 10yrs and anyone who had come to check it out did not want to rent it..until now... Who says those southern country boy wolves aren't just as sexy as the city ones?

Chapter One

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My Alpha...
by katmadison