I Belong to You (Ph...
By LJangel527
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Erik Destler has been giving Christine Daae voice lessons for a year. One day, unexpectedly, he asks for her hand in marriage. Although Erik has been planning the proposal for quite some time, Christine is completely unprepared for such a question by a man she knows only through lessons. She declines his proposal, which drives Erik to do the only thing he thinks possible. He kidnaps Christine on a cool autumn night. A series of events unfolds with Erik trying to get Christine to fall in love with him and Christine trying to escape, but each attempt proves to be futile. Christine knows she has to make Erik see that he can't control her and that she doesn't belong to him. But, the more she tries to attain her goal, the more she gets to know the workings of his mind. So, who will win? The kidnapper or the victim? Or, perhaps it is out of their control. Perhaps the victor is 'fate'.

Chapter 1

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I Belong...
by LJangel527