The Other Daae Girl...
By The_Phantom_Writer
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Catherine Daae is not a faithful person. She doesn't care for fidelity, for stories or for love. Engaged at sixteen, she's ready to end her life as a child and start again as a married woman - as loveless as her marriage will be. That is of course,until she gets fired from La Scala in Italy. When she is hired at the Opera Popularie, she is bound to wreck havoc - especially when her twin sister, Christine Daae - the Phantom's protégé - switches places with her for a night.. The Phantom haunts the halls and corrupts the corridors of the Opera House - and he cannot stand Catherine Daae. Or so, that's what he thinks... The games begin - power play ; but who is the holder of the ace? When Catherine and the Phantom realize love is no game when you fall, will it be too late? Sequel is up - see The Different Daae Girl. Started - August 2013. Finished - 05-May-2014. Unedited.

The Other Daae Girl (POTO Phanfiction)

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The Other...
by The_Phantom_Writer