Do I Love You? Cat...
By lgonzo135
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*I do NOT own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the characters!! I only own everything about F/N!* Note: This may be NOTHING like the show. *Key* F/N= First Name L/N= Last Name H/C= Hair Color H/L= Hair Length E/C= Eye Color F/C= Favorite Color F/C2= Second Favorite Color I may not use all of these in the story. Who knows, maybe I'll use more, I'll let you know! Okay, so F/N just moved to Paris. She came from Lyon, France. You don't have any siblings and you only live with your mom. Your father left your family when you were four. You and your mom moved to Paris because of a job, that being, you have to attend a new school. You meet a lot of people some good and some bad. But what happens when you get your hands on a miraculous? Read more to find out!

A/N hehe..

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Do I Love...
by lgonzo135