No One Ever Looks U...
By ShiloQuetchenbach
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*A Vampire Academy AU Fanfic* Rose can no longer stand pretending that she and Dimitri are nothing more than mentor and student. So she takes matters into her own hands. Branches off from main storyline during Vampire Academy. Before the dance and lust charm, but after the shopping trip. Rose and Dimitri reveal their relationship to their friends, then Dimitri does his best to win them over with pizza, a concert, etc. Alberta makes Rose and Dimitri promise to keep their relationship secret, otherwise, at least until Rose graduates/turns 18. Romitri fluff, mainly. Rated T for romance/seduction, nothing explicit. Gets a bit goofy towards the end. COMPLETE. PS - I am sorry to say that i won't be writing the planned sequels to Coming Home to You or No One Ever Looks Up. I'm not really in the Vampire Academy fandom anymore, much as I love Vampire Academy, and I have too many demands on my time just now to do them justice. If any of you are interested in writing a sequel / follow-up to either or both of these, PM me. I would be happy to chat about it and/or beta. Please also send me a link when you publish, and I'll link to it here and on the other sites this is crossposted on.

Chapter 1: No One Ever Looks Up

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No One Ev...
by ShiloQuetchenbach